EscambiaSoft Product Overview

EscambiaSoft is an innovative company that has developed several commercial applications. We develop applications on the Salesforce platform as Salesforce ISV partner as well as on AWS as AWS partners.

Following are some of our products commercially available.

Roadmap: Intelligent Routing

Cloud based routing app available on the Salesforce platform.

Let AI map all your Salesforce data. Roadmap is an intuitive app that makes routing of trucks or service staff easy without messing with maps and areas on maps.

runOff: Marketing Email

runOff is an email campaign app that is inetgrated with Salesforce

You dont need Salesforce to use it but the integration with Salesforce makes it a great product mass email from campaigns.

Connect with any number of customers via emails that tell your story, whether its your organizations success, its progress or a new innovation. Whatever it is, keep them informed so they can connect better with your business. Send unlimited number of emails anytime from anywhere.

StoreDocumentsIn: Store Documents

Store your documents secure online. The product can search within any document and rank them on basis of the quailty of the search keyword.