Your company is interested in Salesforce and have heard of many good things about Salesforce. But you have a problem. Your business is unique and have some specific needs.

This is a typical situation for most of our clients. To augment these needs we do a quick custom development that integrates with your Salesforce org. The task is usually done in weeks and not months as in typical software development process. The deployment is done quickly and with no downtime.

Here are a few technologies that we have done for custom applications:
  • APEX code
  • Visualforce
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Workflow and approval procedures
  • Customer and partner portals
  • Sites
  • Client Side Programming with several JavaScript frameworks.
  • Triggers and auto-responses

CRM Consulting

CRM is common to small and large organizations. Without it an organization will find it difficult to meets its goals and establish a clear CRM process.

Salesforce's CRM solution works as a one-stop shop for your sales team needs. We collaborate with your organization to inetgrate quotes, contacts, product tracking, real-time analytics and everything in between to help you close a deal With Salesforce's CRM to get the most out your sales process.

We work with several clients to get insights from and stay connected with our customers need to respond to leads or checking dashboards from wherever they are either on their desktop or mobile devices with Salesforce. With Salesforce you can collaborate in real time with your employees and stay up-to-date with their projects through Chatter. Salesforce CRM's also allows you to work with tools you already use such as Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, not to mention optimizing marketing campaigns and simplifying the approval process for your company.

Here are a few applications that we have implemented for our clients:
  • Social intelligence including account history, customer communications, internal discussions
  • Email integration
  • Sales opportunities and quotes tracking
  • Real-time visual workflow
  • Content library
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing tools integration

Data Analytics (Big Data)

Data Analytics is often spoken along with Big Data. Data Analytics need not be applied to just big data. The idea here is to get the best out of the data that exists within your systems and how you can make it be productive for your organization.

We perform several tasks with the data.
  • Cleanse the data
  • Apply MR algorithms to it.
  • Apply ML algorithms
  • Extract and identify the data either as part of the classification or clustering techniques.
  • Make it available through customer and partner portals
  • Create and build dashboard and reports either as a custom tool or using mechanism like Tableau, Periscope and Wave analytics.
  • Client Side Programming with several JavaScript frameworks.
  • Deep and fuzzy searches

We advise you at every step and define the architecture with a short term goal and a long term goal. Our focus is agile and quick delivery to get you the immediate results and partner for the long term strategy.

We also use tools like informatica for ETL tasks

Service Cloud Consulting

Service Cloud is part of the Salesforce offering. You need a service cloud if you are interested in providing a world class service to your customers. To open different channels for your existing customers to interact with you as well as reduce the cost of service. To provide an Omni-channel for customer service whether its field service agent or customer service agent you need Service Cloud.

For a contact center or call center or simply help desk implementation, the Service Cloud has an offering tailor made for your need. With service cloud you can get clear metrics which could help reduce contact center cost at the same time improve agent Collaboration and improve customer satisfaction. You could also guarantee a quality customer service as well as satisfy your audit requirements. It is cloud based hence you can avoid costly equipment or additional services to maintain the process.

Integration Services

No organization can work in silos. Nor can it depend on only one product for a growing company. Today several products exist and each has a unique way to communicate. But working with different systems on a daily basis leaves you open to several issues some of which can be missed opportunities or failure to follow compliance or even costly human error. To avoid such scenarios most companies integrate their system so each of system gets the required information and is in sync throughout the organization.

We integrate with any system and we really mean it. We have done integration with systems that are legacy or modern systems all of which have their own unique challenges. We have also integrated with systems across several organizations that are spread geographically across the world.

Integration using Informatica to different systems

Integration with ASP.NET applications.

Integration with AWS ( Amazon Web Services)

Integration with SAP

Integration with Quick Book

Outlook and office 365 integration

Integration with RFP product like QVdian

Integration with Google drive

Integration with Docusign

Integration with several databases like SQL server, Oracle, MySql and Redshift.

Integration with several NoSQL Databases

Integration with Heroku

SSO integration between Salesforcee and other external systems.

Integration with several payment systems using Braintree, Paypal and Stripe

We have integrated several well-known products in the market i.e AWS, Twillio, Twitter, Paypal, Spark, Quicken, Microsoft Azure, Google API etc. and off course Salesforce included

Contact us to know about several integration solutions we offer.

App Exchange app development

AppExchange is the largest market of apps in the business world. It has the highest download of apps. We develop the complete process from design to deployment for the AppExchange. We also work through the process of security validation with Salesforce.

We ensure the apps are lightning ready which makes your app mobile ready and responsive for any device.

The app would be made available within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Data Migration

Today many organizations are moving to the cloud. But we have to still consider the years of data collected that need to be available for regular operation of the organization. Some of our clients have legacy systems or other CRM products that they have outgrown in terms of their business growth. Hence the need for Data Migration. Moving data is the last step in the process. There are several steps that are included in the process including data analysis, cleansing, and validation of the data.

If this process is not done correctly then there is a serious loss of data and audit failure. We take this process seriously to ensure a clean and transparent process. Our Salesforce team has perfected this process. We have dealt with multiple systems that range from legacy databases to unstructured flat files. We have done data migration from SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, RedShift etc. We have also migrated from other CRM applications like ACT, Sugar CRM, and Team Desk etc.

Document Management

We have integrated several document management products. We have our own document management product. We also incorporate several different document management products depending on what the customer is using within the organization.

Training and Support

We know that training and support is essential for optimized use of the product. We teach your team how to use Salesforce and any custom apps we have identified for your business needs. We assist in developing your training needs tailored to your organizations and specific role needs.

We have an excellent support process where you can contact us by phone or online and we will have someone address your needs immediately. Every client need is priority for us and so we do not create a queue of priorities. This is a unique approach that has provided maximum benefit to our customers.

  • development
  • CRM Consulting
  • Data Analytics (Big Data)
  • Service Cloud Consulting
  • Integration Services
  • App Exchange app development
  • Data Migration
  • Document Management
  • Training and Support